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October 11 – Letters

Hello again, if you’ve read previous blog entries you’ll know I’m doing communication in the workplace. Today’s blogs will be about letters.


When you receive a letter do you prefer it to be properly formatted with paragraphs, correct spelling and punctuation? Or would you prefer a letter that has no formatting, no paragraphs, spelling and grammar errors and is just a big block of text?


I know I’d prefer the first one. Who wants to sit and read a big block of mess? Especially a big block of mess where there’s no punctuation, poor spelling and just plain messy.


When setting out a business letter, it’s important to set it out formally and proper. This includes putting in an address line, a greeting (normally dear sir/madam), and a closing. It is important to spell check and I also recommend to not abbrieviate words. For example, ATM can be at the moment. The person receiving your email might not know what ATM stands for in your context.

This is an example of a properly set out letter.

An example of a nicely written letter

Source: http://www.bestsampleletters.com/business/business-to-business/personnel/thank-you-for-contractor-recommendation-letter.html


Thanks again for reading, as a bonus I’ll include another funny picture I’ve found.

How kind!

Source: http://puns.icanhascheezburger.com/

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