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October 10, 2011 – Verbal Communication

Hello everyone, Ben again. If you read yesterday’s blog you’ll know that I’m blogging about various communication types in a business. Yesterday I did emails. Today I’ll be discussing Verbal Communication.

Verbal communication occurs in the business through face-to-face meetings, job interviews, talking on the phone and talking throughout the workplace. As shown in this cartoon with two people having a chat.

He's in for a challenge....



In verbal communications, there are good ways and bad ways to communicate. An example of a good way is to have a friendly discussion, even if it’s about the Football Match. An example of a bad way is to shout really loud. This isn’t a good idea as you’ll disrupt everyone else!


Verbal communication is used everyday, even if you use a telephone it’s still a verbal communication.



And like last time I’ll provide a funny picture I found on the Internet. Enjoy

How to solve a Rubix Cube - the easy way

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